Wireless Backup Camera Installation and Review DIY


Install a wireless backup camera in your car. This video will cover the unboxing, installation and review of a $21 backup camera system with 4.3 inch screen.

I unbox the camera and the screen and go over the instructions that are included in the kit, my impressions of the quality of the kit, and what is needed to install the kit on a car. Additionally, I go over the wireless 2.4G transmitter and receiver that is needed to make this backup camera kit wireless. Only the video signal will be wireless, the rest will be a wired setup.

Next, I cover the wiring and install DIY on a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck. To begin, I recommend testing the kit with a 12 volt hot and ground connection to make sure everything works before you start the process. The camera will have a yellow connector and a 12v power connection. The wiring needed for the backup camera is the reverse bulb on the tail light. You will need to remove your tail light and find the wiring for the reverse bulb. The bulb with have a hot and ground wire. You will connect the red wires from the backup camera kit to the hot wire, and the black wires in the kit to the ground wire.

Once that’s complete, you can mount the backup camera on your license plate and route the wires behind the bumper or in the trunk. Then you will connect the wires in the back together.

Next, you’ll need to go inside the vehicle and find a positive and ground connection for the screen and the transmitter receiver. You will also need to find an acceptable area to mount the backup camera screen. I recommend using the cigarette lighter adapter for the 12v hot and ground connection. The reason is that the adapter is always on when the ignition is on. Then you will need again connect the red wires to the hot connection and the black wires to the ground connection. Don’t forget to connect the yellow RCA cables.

Once that’s complete, you can test to make sure everything is working. If it is you’re done and can make everything nice and tidy.
If not, trouble shot your issue by asking a questions on this video.

If you’re having trouble installing a backup camera, ask your question in the comments and I will do my best to respond.

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