What Is Cloud Computing (Computing As A Utility)


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This video is the tenth in a multi-part series discussing computing. In this video, we’ll be discussing what cloud computing is and the fundamental change it brings in how we view and think about computing.

[0:27-2:19] Starting off we’ll discuss, the revolution the cloud computing paradigm, computing as a utility, brings to the field of computing, and similar transformations seen when electricity became a utility.

[2:19-5:24] Following that we’ll discuss, what exactly cloud computing is and the types of cloud computing: Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS), Platform As A Service (PaaS) and Software As A Service (SaaS) further extending to serverless architecture, Functions As A Service (FaaS).

[5:24-10:05] To conclude we’ll discuss, the benefits cloud computing will bring in terms of the impact on business and startups as well as the impact of cloud services and serverless architecture on us, the consumers. We will also discuss the evolution of cloud computing, extending to fog computing and edge computing!

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