VMworld 2020: ‘Possible Together’ Event Coverage, Latest Announcements


Virtual machine giant VMware Inc. will hold its annual event, VMworld 2020, from 29 September to 1 October. Just like all other major events this year, VMworld 2020 will also be held online. The keynote speakers at the event will be VMware executives Pat Gelsinger and Sanjay Poonen, as well as Michael Dell, chief executive officer and chairman of Dell Technologies. The theme for the event this time around is “Possible Together.” The event list states coverage on myriad of topics including 5G networking, remote working strategies, app modernization, multi-cloud, virtual cloud network, and the upcoming technology trends.  

VMworld 2020 will begin with VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger providing an overview of the events of 2020 and discussing how digital foundation can help navigate an unpredictable world. Pat will also host conversations around digital innovations with Claire Babineaux-Fontenot, CEO at Feeding America, and John Donahoe, president and CEO at Nike Inc.  

Furthermore, VMware COO, Customer Operations, Sanjay Poonen will give insights into VMware’s “Any App, Any Cloud, Any Device” technology strategy, deep-diving in it through users and industry-centric view. The annual conference will have more than 900 unique breakout sessions between VMware and its community of partners and customers. 

VMware is getting ahead in the technology space 

As container technology gains precedence over virtual machines, VMware has embraced Kubernetes for its vSphere portfolio earlier this year. The company has also integrated Artificial Intelligence and machine learning support into vSphere as announced during the beginning of the year. VMware’s portfolio is no longer limited to virtual machines, and the lean toward Kubernetes shows company’s desire to expand beyond its dominant area.  

Ajay Patel, senior vice president and general manager of modern application platform business at VMware, said, “we’ve put to bed the debate about containers versus virtual machines,” He also stated that incorporating Kubernetes into the vSphere platform proves that “in a single environment you can run both,” Patel added. 

VMworld 2020’s theme of “Possible Together” emphasizes the above collaboration and how it will shape the future ahead. “Competitive dynamics are driving partnerships,” Patel said. “And if you think about one company that’s sitting across all clouds, has all platforms, has Spring [framework] and a Kubernetes community, the answer is VMware.”  

Follow this space for all the latest announcements and details of the VMworld 2020 event.  

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