Understanding Platform as a Service through the Lens of the Cloud Foundry Architecture


What is Platform as a Service (PaaS)? How does it differ from IaaS or CaaS? How can you make use of PaaS? Why should you care? In this talk, we will present the design and architecture of SUSE’s Cloud Foundry-based Platform as a Service. Using the Cloud Foundry architecture as a reference, we will explore what sets a PaaS apart from other platform layers and discuss how its opinionated design impacts application architecture and ease of use. This talk will be high-level technical in nature, discussing system and application architecture. It will be accessible to those in the developer, sysadmin or even line-of-business areas, covering how Cloud Foundry tries to bridge the gaps in providing a manageable, secure system that is also easy for developers to use in a self-service manner.



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