Tutorial: JVM Platform as a Service


This tutorial takes an in-depth tour of the current JVM PaaS landscape. It discusses key vendors’ technology stacks and compares the vendors’ different offerings. You will learn how to build portable and PaaS-friendly applications, how to manage monitoring, and how to do backups and all that other stuff needed in a live production environment. The session includes live deployment demos of a simple but nontrivial web application on a couple of services to highlight their differences and similarities.

Håkan Jonson
Håkan Jonson is a software consultant at Citerus and works primarily with agile design and development. With experience from the financial and gaming industry Håkan is a strong proponent of domain driven design. Over the last 8 years he has been working with the Java platform specializing in high availability transaction systems and is currently involved in several projects which aims to leverage some of the benefits of the latest years emerging cloud platforms.
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Patrik Fredriksson
.As a co-founder and consultant with Citerus I have been doing professional software development and mentoring for more than ten years. I have a particular passion for agile software design and architecture, software development productivity and developer craftsmanship. I am highly motivated to improve the way software is produced and maintained; good software is fun to use and fun to create, bad software and lost projects make me sad.

By Eric Evans and Domain Language, Inc. certified instructor, Domain-Driven Design.

Recurring speaker at conferences such as Jfokus, Øredev and QCon.

LinkedIn profile: se.linkedin.com/in/patrikfredriksson/
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