Transforming IT infrastructure services with Azure at Microsoft


At Microsoft, adopting cloud services in Azure helped us embrace digital transformation that includes both technology and culture change. Our experts discuss the technical and cultural journey of the Core Services Engineering and Operations organization (formerly known as Microsoft IT) as it transformed from a rigid, process-centric operating model to an agile, scalable model with native cloud solutions in Azure. They answer questions from the audience, share our roadmap for change, and discuss the team’s focus on ensuring reliable, secure, and optimized services.

2:25 – Overview of the Microsoft Core Services Engineering and Operations (CSEO) organization.
8:54 – The Microsoft cloud adoption journey.
13:03 – Did Microsoft do a lot of lift and shift into the cloud?
14:48 – The Microsoft hybrid cloud evolution.
17:40 – Does Microsoft CSEO patch all systems across the organization?
18:52 – The Microsoft CSEO operations support lifecycle.
25:33 – The differences between traditional Microsoft CSEO tasks vs. the current native cloud solutions.
27:55 – How is Microsoft managing the different cloud environments?
29:26 – Who are Microsoft CSEO’s customers?
32:18 – How has Microsoft CSEO operations changed from the traditional Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) model?
37:24 – How has the staffing changed now that Microsoft has moved to the cloud model?
42:28 – What are the short-term and long-term benefits of migrating to the cloud?
43:47 – What kind of systems is Microsoft still keeping on-premises?
46:44 – The Microsoft cloud CPU utilization and cost metrics.
50:34 – How to succeed in your cloud transformation journey.
55:17 – What are some of the key takeaways that you would like to leave our audience with today?

Customers are always asking how Microsoft uses its own technology. What were the initial catalysts for change? The challenges? The benefits? IT Showcase provides what no one else can—the inside story of how Microsoft does IT.

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