TIBCO Scribe Online Overview – iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service)


Learn why enterprises, systems integrators and SaaS providers use TIBCO Scribe Online for real-time cloud data integration, data migrations and data replication services. TIBCO’s integration platform as a service (iPaaS) provides three major benefits:

1. Ease of use: build integrations without a large staff
2. Speed: create integrations up to 80% faster than custom code
3. Flexibility: tailor integrations to your unique processes and configurations

TIBCO Scribe Online’s visual design environment lets you create integrations with clicks, not code, and is suitable for business analysts and other citizen integrators. TIBCO Scribe Online provides pre-built connectors for many cloud and on-premise business applications to let you connect your systems quickly and easily. It also provides integration lifecycle management through cloud integration tools that help you to monitor the health of your integrations and address issues that arise. Scribe integrations are self-documenting, making it much easier for someone other than the original designer to understand how an integration works and make changes when necessary.

TIBCO Scribe Online helps companies accelerate their online integration and cloud migration projects, helping then improve access to critical business information leading to increased revenue, improved customer service and lower costs. System integrators can use TIBCO Scribe Online to deliver cloud integration projects on-time and on-budget. Contact Scribe for more information on how our cloud integration platform can help you.



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