Qwiklabs – App Dev – Deploying the Application into App Engine Flexible Environment – Java


An App Engine app is a single application resource with one or more services. Each service can be configured to use different runtimes and to operate with different performance settings. Within each service, you can deploy versions of that service, and each then runs within one or more instances, depending on how much traffic you configured it to handle. For more information, see an overview of App Engine.

App Engine uses either a Standard or Flexible environment. A standard environment runs instances in a sandbox, limiting available CPU options and disc access.

In contrast, a flexible environment runs your application in Docker containers on Google Compute Engine virtual machines (VMs), which have fewer restrictions. For example, you can use the programming language or library of your choice, write to disk, and even run multiple processes. You also have the choice of Compute Engine machine types for your instances. For more information about App Engine environments, see The App Engine Standard Environment and App Engine Flexible Environment.

In this lab, you deploy a quiz application into App Engine flexible environment, and leverage App Engine features like versions and traffic splitting.

In this lab, you learn how to perform the following tasks:

Create an app.yaml file to describe the App Engine flexible environment requirements for an application.
Deploy the quiz application into App Engine flexible environment.
Employ versions and traffic splitting to perform A/B testing of an application feature.

This self-paced lab is part of the Application Development – Java

and Cloud Development



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