Open Telekom Cloud | Relational Database Service: Scaling an RDS DB Instance


Open Telekom Cloud – Scalable and cost-effective infrastructure from Germany! Tutorial | Relational Database Service – Databases as needed

The Relational Database Service lets you use tailor-made databases on the Open Telekom Cloud. The RDS comes in ten Flavors which use databases for various applications. RDS uses mySQL 5.6.30/33/34/35, 5.7.17/20, PostgreSQL 9.5.5, 9.6.3/5 and MS SQL 2014 (SP2) as relational database software and has an auto backup function. Furthermore, RDS features several management tools that analyze the performance of the database. The operation of the database can be optimized based on capacity utilization over time and the calculation speed. Get more informations on



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