Open Telekom Cloud | Object Storage Service: Uploading Files on OBS Console


Open Telekom Cloud – Scalable and cost-effective infrastructure from Germany! Tutorial | Object Storage – High-capacity storage of large data sets

The Object Storage Service (OBS) offers cost-effective memory for (long-term) storage of large data sets. The maximum size of individual files is 50 TB. The memory has almost limitless scalability. Data durability is 99.999999999%, and data in Object Storage can be saved independently from the virtual machine. Simple access via http(s) is possible.

The buckets that form the basis of Object Storage have no directory structure. The buckets only serve as an administrative instance which is why when installing an OBS, a bucket must also be created. Each tenant can have up to 100 buckets and each bucket can save up to 50 million objects (files).

Open Telekom Cloud offers OBS Encryption, a service that allows the user to encrypt the data in Object Storage. Get more informations on



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