Open Telekom Cloud | Document Database Service: Creating a DDS DB Instance


Open Telekom Cloud – Scalable and cost-effective infrastructure from Germany! Tutorial | Document Database Service – Complex files under control

The Open Telekom Cloud supplements the existing portfolio of in-memory, no-SQL, and relational databases with a document database. Document databases show their strengths when it comes to managing files that go beyond simple numbers or words. The Document Database Service is based on Mongo DB. A minimum instance contains a Mongo, a replica and a shard cluster of at least two shards. The shard cluster can contain up to 12 shards. General-purpose Flavors are used (ratio vCPU:GB RAM 1:4) with up to 16 vCPUs. The service can be scaled and allows objects to be saved quickly in a structured way. As these types of database automatically create replicas, the service is high-performing and highly available. Get more informations on



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