New Grumo: Infrastructure As A Service by Proact


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Your company has an amazing new product but you have to move fast to get it to market.

Everyone is excited.

Except the IT team has some sobering news.

With your company’s current infrastructure, the earliest this could happen is 6 months and it would cost a fortune.

And up goes the wall between business and I.T. again.

Well, it’s time to get rid of that wall, forever, with a proven cloud service model.

Proact proudly introduces, Infrastructure as a Service, a highly flexible and efficient platform that quickly adapts to your needs and puts your entire team on the same page while costs are kept low and transparent with our Pay-Per-Use model.

And because every company’s needs are different, we’ll help you choose the most effective cloud, or clouds, for your specific business needs.

Your data is always stored close to you and our clouds are compliant with international security standards and EU privacy regulations so we keep unwanted visitors out.

Our agile cloud platform is held to the highest industry standards and best practices, so your IT team can focus their energy on growing your business, not just keeping it afloat.

Proact’s Infrastructure as a Service also paves the way for DevOps, which fuels your innovation even further, by enabling a continuous improvement of applications to capitalize quickly on new business opportunities.

We combine global expertise with a local presence and personal hands-on customer care.

Our approach has already helped countless companies set up agile cloud platforms that address their immediate needs and are set up to expand when it’s time to grow.

And we can do the same for you.

Because we don’t just know I.T., we know business.



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