Microsoft and Nutanix Join Hands To Dominate Hybrid Cloud Space


Nutanix, a leader in enterprise cloud computing space, has announced its latest partnership with public cloud giant Microsoft. The latest joint venture will use Nutanix cluster on Microsoft Azure to provide a hybrid solution for its customers. The solution will come with seamless application, data, and license mobility, as well as unified management across on-premise infrastructure and Azure cloud ecosystem.  


Microsoft’s latest collaboration with Nutanix will bring a lot to the hybrid cloud environment. Here are some notable features of this partnership:

  1. Nutanix clusters on Azure: This partnership will allow the addition of Nutanix Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure to Azure, increasing Azure’s reach in the hybrid cloud space. It includes the development of Nutanix-ready nodes on Azure to support Nutanix Clusters and services. It will allow users to run Nutanix Clusters on Azure and take advantage of Azure Hybrid Benefit, including extended security updates to improve cost, security, and efficiency.
  2. Seamless Procurement and Support: The new partnership will ensure a seamless sales and support experience for customers. Microsoft Azure users will be able to use their existing Azure credits to purchase Nutanix Software. On the other hand, Nutanix customers will be able to port their existing term licenses to Nutanix Clusters on Azure or get on-demand consumption of Nutanix software through the Azure Marketplace. It will provide a smooth transition for users that want to switch between public and private clouds within Azure.
  3. Azure Arc Integration: Microsoft and Nutanix will also allow the usage of Azure Arc control plane to help with the management of servers, containers, and data servers on Nutanix HCI, on-premise, or in Azure. This will enable consumers to extend key Azure services to their Nutanix infrastructure, including running Azure Arc servers, Azure Arc containers,and Azure Arc data services.

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Tarkan Maner, Chief Commercial Officer at Nutanix, spoke about the partnership with Microsoft. He said, “with this partnership, Microsoft and Nutanix show our commitment to delivering a true, unified hybrid and multi-cloud environment. We know customers are looking for solutions to truly — and simply — advance their cloud journey. This partnership helps us deliver a single software stack across public and private clouds, resulting in increased agility, streamlined operations, and significant cost savings.”

Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President, Cloud, and AI at Microsoft Corporation, said, “many companies face complexities when managing hybrid cloud environments across private and public clouds. We are excited to collaborate with Nutanix to give customers flexibility and a seamless experience with hybrid Nutanix and Azure solutions.”

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