Managed Infrastructure Services- Powered by Ellipse


Most Enterprises have their IT infrastructure spread across private, public and hybrid clouds making management of such a distributed setup a complex task. A mobile workforce that requires anytime, anywhere access to a plethora of applications and data adds to the challenge. This next-gen dynamic work environment cannot be tackled with traditional IT infrastructure monitoring and management tools that function in silos. Such tools are generally personalized for specific products, or can ingest and analyze only structured data, resulting in cost escalations and poor user experience.

Enterprises are therefore looking for advanced options that can reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), improve infrastructure and application uptime, and enhance user experience and productivity, ensuring IT operations are agile and aligned to the organization’s digital strategies. ELLIPSE, Happiest Minds’ next-gen managed services delivery platform is the ideal solution that comes to the rescue.

Find out in the video what all Ellipse can do to solve all your operational complexities.



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