IBM Cloud Pak for Data: What's new in version 2.5?


IBM Cloud Pak for Data version 2.5 is packed full of new features. This video highlights some of the key changes.

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Cloud Pak for Data Version 2.5 is deployed on Red Hat OpenShift and introduces some major changes. Cloud Pak for Data includes all of our strategic data and AI services as one integrated offering, so you can install only the services that support your line of business, focus your resources on the services you need most, and consume those services in a cloud-native fashion on the infrastructure of your choice.
Watson Knowledge Catalog replaces the data governance features from previous releases and helps you organize your data with data profiling, data quality, lineage, and governance.
Watson Knowledge Catalog is seamlessly integrated with Watson Studio which replaces the data science features from previous releases and provides a collaborative environment for data scientists, developers, and domain experts to explore, analyze, and model data. 
New services are also available like Analytics Engine for Apache Spark, Execution Engine for Apache Hadoop, Open Source Management, and Financial Crimes Insight.
Cloud Pak for Data version 2.5 also includes enhancements to many of the existing services such as IBM Regulatory Accelerator, Data Virtualization, Cognos Analytics, IBM Streams, and Watson AI services like Watson Natural Language Understanding and Watson Discovery.

IBM Contact: Sharyn Richard



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