how to delete data from mi cloud in mi phone?


Hi friends, in this video we discuss about ‘how to delete data from mi cloud’. Actually if you are using an Mi mobile and have on the auto sync option ‘ON’ then your phone data like contacts, photos, massages etc. are saved on my cloud. In the same time if you wish to delete the saved data in your phone follow the following steps ….
1. go to your mi mobile and click on ‘settings’and click on ‘MI account’.
2. You will redirect to mi account and you are asked to login in mi account with Id password if you have not logged in. If you are already logged in then you will see your account details like personal info, account security and Mi cloud. Now click on Mi cloud.
3. In this page you will see ‘auto sync option’, find device, home screen backup, deleted items, free space, syncing items etc. You have to click on ‘Deleted items’ option.
4. It says log in to mi account with your mi id password once again.
5. Now in this page you will see the mi cloud trash items like contact,massages, gallery, notes etc. You also see an option ‘view data in Mi cloud’ click on it.
6. Now you can see the save item folder on the screen like contacts, massages,gallery, notes, recordings, find device etc. select the folder from which you want to delete data.
7. In this step you will see your save data, select the data you want to delete, and click on delete option on the upper bar of the page. An confirmation massage will appear, click on “OK’.

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