Google App Engine Flexible Environment: Beyond the Bounds of PaaS


It can be hard to choose between PaaS and IaaS. Google App Engine Flexible Environment fills the gap.

Like the Standard Environment PaaS, it provides auto-scaling, traffic splitting, versioning, security updates, and other out-of-the-box functionality. On the other hand, like the Google Compute Engine IaaS, it imposes no sandbox limits on memory, threads, or network access.

Joshua Fox, Principal Software Architect at Freightos, takes you through his experience developing with Flex Env, from beta and through its GA release in March. He compares ideal use cases for Flex Env to those where Standard Env, GKE (Docker), or GCE is more suitable.

Whether or not you go with Flex Env, understanding its relationship to other platforms will help you choose the right one – one of the most fateful decisions in any cloud development project.

About Joshua Fox:
Joshua Fox is a Principal Software Architect at Freightos, building some great big routing software in the cloud. Freightos finds optimal routes for thousands of cargo shipments world-wide, quickly.



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