Data#3 Reports “Cyber Incident” in Australia, 28 Customers Impacted


Data#3 has reported a cyber-attack in its home market. The Australian IT solutions and Cloud computing provider dubbed the incident as a “cyber incident.” Data#3 has also confirmed that it informed the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) about the cyber incident.

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Data breaches are a serious issue for any Cloud Service Provider (CSP), and no matter how small, these threats should not be taken lightly. Perhaps, this is what prompted Data#3 to inform ASX about the breach.

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While there are not a lot of details available about the incident, the Australian CSP informed that the cyber incident has impacted 28 of its clients. The company officially stated, “Data#3 has made direct and proactive contact with the 28 customers who have been impacted. Pending the outcome of the investigation, Data#3 may need to take further steps in response to the incident.”

Talking about the cyber incident, the company also stated, “Data#3 Limited advises that it has experienced a cybersecurity network incident, involving an overseas third party, which is currently under investigation.” Talking of the investigation, the company has contacted all its 28 affected clients and has also involved a forensic investigator to obtain a report on this cyber incident.

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As already mentioned, Cloud security is one of the top concerns for enterprises leveraging the potential of Cloud Computing. Avid readers would be aware of our recent coverage around the Accuris report that stated 93 percent of analyzed Cloud deployments displayed misconfigured Cloud storage services.

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Data#3 has already stated that this particular “cyber incident” was not required to be reported to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner under Australia’s Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme. The aforementioned scheme is reserved for data breaches that are likely to cause “serious harm.” However, the current incident was reported to ASX, thus proving that if not particularly damaging, this incident was nonetheless significant. The Australian government has also recently released Cloud Security Guidance to bolster the country’s cybersecurity.

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The Data#3 cyber incident comes right after the country reported major breaches across different sectors. The Australian health-insurance industry had recently reported that it was targeted by a nefarious cybercrime group in May. The same month also witnessed the country’s steel producer BlueScope reporting disruptions in services due to a cyberattack on its IT systems.

Coming back to the current Data#3 “cyber incident,” the company’s Managing Director and CEO Laurence Baynham stated, “we take the security of our IT systems very seriously.” He further added, “we continue to work closely with specialist forensic consultants to investigate this incident. We will provide updates to the market of any material developments.” As of now, the details of the cyber incident will only come forth after the company conducts a proper investigation. Meanwhile, stay connected with us for latest updates about the Cloud industry, and further updates on the Data#3 incident.

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