D-Wave Launches Quantum Computer Built for Businesses, Eyes Quantum Cloud Market


D-Wave, the Quantum computing leader based out of Canada, has just announced the general availability of its 5,000-qubit quantum annealing computer called Advantage. The quantum computer will be available via the company’s Leap cloud quantum computing service. The availability of the Advantage platform brings a marked improvement in the quantum cloud computing service as the previous version of Leap had the capability of 2,000 qubits.

D-Wave Advantage Quantum Computer
D-Wave Advantage System

D-Wave is primarily focused on delivering Quantum infrastructure-as-a-Service (QaaS) to developers in order to speed up the tasks that classical computers take days to complete. Advantage also comes with 15-way qubit connectivity, meaning that developers can now have a larger graph when they develop applications.

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Under Leap, D-Wave has also launched a feature called Hybrid Solver Service (HSS) that combines classical and quantum computing power for developers. This makes sure that developers can handle even larger and complex computations. HSS also brings massive improvement to handling variables as it can handle up to a million variables, whereas the last iteration could handle just 10,000 variables.

D-Wave Advantage Processor
D-Wave Advantage Chip

The company has also introduced D-Wave Launch, wherein it offers businesses the chance to build hybrid quantum applications over the cloud. In fact, some companies have already started benefiting from quantum services delivered over the cloud. Canadian grocery retailer Save-On-Foods used hybrid quantum algorithms for grocery optimization solutions and managed to reduce the time for optimization tasks from 25 hours to two minutes per week. D-Wave’s solution is currently under pilot test in Save-On-Foods stores.

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Alan Baratz, the CEO of D-Wave, said, “today’s general availability of Advantage delivers the first quantum system built specifically for business, and marks the expansion into production scale commercial applications and new problem types with our hybrid solver services. In combination with our new jump-start program to get customers started, this launch continues what we’ve known at D-Wave for a long time: it’s not about hype, it’s about scaling, and delivering systems that provide real business value on real business applications.”

D-Wave’s inroads in the Quantum infrastructure-as-a-Service market is yet another indicator of the rising prominence of quantum computing in the cloud industry. We had recently reported that Chinese-giant Baidu has also entered the QaaS market. Another major Canadian player in the quantum cloud market includes Xanadu, which launched world’s first photonic quantum cloud platform. Even major cloud providers such as Amazon and Google are making headway in the quantum cloud market with Braket and TensorFlow quantum services, respectively. Stay connected with us for further updates on the quantum cloud market.  

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