Commvault Launches Disaster Recovery Service To Tackle Outage Troubles


Commvault, a global data management leader, has announced new additions to its portfolio. The new addition targeted at Disaster Recovery for enterprises is called Commvault Disaster Recovery. The new service is optimized for the Cloud and aims to further simplify data management.

Disaster Recovery has been launched as a standalone product for data recovery needs. This marks a change in the company’s strategy as so far, it offered disaster recovery features bundled with other products. However, the data management giant has decided to take a granular approach for data management going ahead. This is the reason behind Disaster Recovery being launched as a separate product.

The main feature offered by Commvault Disaster Recovery is creating backup replicas of workloads for both on-premise and cloud environments. These replicas can then be used in case of any outages. As of now, the Disaster Recovery feature protects workloads running on VMWare virtualization software with support for on-premise as well as leading cloud providers such as Azure, AWS, Google, and Oracle.

“Business resiliency is predicated on combining continuous access to mission-critical cloud resources with the ability to minimize downtime and better protect digital assets,” said Kristen Edwards, Director, Technology Alliance Partner Program, VMware. She further added, “by leveraging Commvault with VMware Cloud on AWS, customers can more effectively mitigate risk and better secure their organizations to help prevent major business disruptions.”

“At Commvault, we’re constantly innovating to make our customers’ lives easier, protect their data and ensure we’re offering intelligent data management products and services,” said Ranga Rajagopalan, Vice President, Products at Commvault. He further added, “with what’s available today, customers can start with data management service they need today and seamlessly extend into other capabilities as needed—and they can do it while optimizing costs for the cloud.”

Commvault’s Disaster Recovery allows enterprises to tackle outage hassles by restoring the applications on on-premise or Cloud environments. The service also automatically scans outage issues to help administrators preempt any future disruptions. Further, IT teams can use the service to work with these replicas using the “copy-management” feature. These replicas can also be put to use for cases not involving disaster recovery.

Click here to learn more about the Disaster Recovery service.

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