Cloud Computing Meets Farming as Trilogy Networks, Grand Farm Partner for Distributed Cloud


Cloud services have acted as the transformation launchpad for many industries all over the world. In a similar event, Trilogy Networks, a Boulder-based cloud computing company, Grand Farm, the Greater Fargo-Moorhead Economic Development Corporation, and the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station, have come together to bring distributed cloud services for North Dakota’s agricultural industry.

The partnership is aimed at increasing the collaboration in the agricultural industry and is a part of Trilogy Networks’ rural cloud computing initiative. The distributed cloud computing capabilities will first be deployed at Grand Farm and then to other parts of North Dakota. The solution will combine distributed cloud computing and traditional cloud computing. This combined prowess will bring a computer-vision, deep-learning algorithm and make sure that the tasks currently being performed using off-site and on-board computing are performed in the cloud.

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For example, one of the tasks handled by the distributed cloud services will be using computer vision to identify and remove weed and targeted herbicide application. Another example of the advantages that the cloud service will bring is the deployment of sensors to identify the optimal time for applying fertilizers to the crops.

Coming to the cloud infrastructure, it will comprise of a reliable wireless network and native cloud computing capabilities present on the farm. The cloud solution will also ensure efficient data collection wherein useful information such as crop humidity, soil moisture, water level etc. will be gathered for the farm’s benefit. The data gathered will also be shared with North Dakota State University’s Agricultural Experiment Station, which will enrich university’s research.   

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Here’s what George Woodward, CEO at Trilogy Networks, said about the latest partnership, “we’re excited to partner with Grand Farm, the Greater Fargo-Moorhead Economic Development Corporation, and the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station to add the critical connectivity element to their amazing ecosystem. We’re already seeing the value of edge computing capabilities at our Farm of the Future series pilot project. Bringing this technology to Grand Farm will allow us to support and scale precision agriculture applications to advance the autonomous farm. Collaborations with ecosystem partners like Grand Farm will allow us all to deliver on the promise of precision agriculture.”

After bringing massive transformations in industries all over the world, and making things possible during the global pandemic, agriculture is surely the way forward for the cloud services industry. The technological advancements brought about by cloud computing can be of immense advantage to farming and allied activities. Given this, distributed cloud deployment in North Dakota surely appears to be a promising start. Stay connected with us on further updates for anything and everything related to the cloud industry.

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