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Important Notice: this video is out of date. Amazon no longer offers unlimited cloud storage for the price mentioned in this video. It’s still generous at 60$ per TB, but it’s not unlimited anymore ­čśö. Seems like it’s one of those too good to be true moments.


As mentioned in yesterdays video about my external hard drives, I store my files in many ways because I got burned by data loss and hard drive crashes. data management is not the most amazing topic. But it is important. So today I am going to talk about Arq. A program that encrypts your files on your computer and sends those encrypted files to a file storage system of your choice (mine is Amazon Cloud Drive as well as Google Drive).

Get Arq Backup for Mac or Windows:
Amazon Cloud Storage (60$ per Terabyte per Year):
Google Drive (120$ per Terabyte per Year:

Prices updated 2017-08 – sadly Amazon decided to no longer offer the unlimited cloud storage for 60$ and replaced it with 1TB for 60$ per year.

Those two kinds of destinations I use for different kinds of files:
Everything is backed up to Amazon Cloud Drive (even some archive hard drives with terabytes of data and photos taken in 2000). Then I have Arq setup to also upload some very important folders to Google Drive as well. Those are mainly things like my personal documents. Password Keychains and stuff like that. So if I lose access to the Amazon storage I still have the most important stuff a second time.

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