C&C Red Alert 2 – Tiberum Crisis Trailer B.0


Tiberium Crisis will reconstruct C&C3; and part of C&C4; on the old but flexible engine and create a new storyline and factions to bring an end to the Tiberium Age. There are 20 missions roughly resembles the vanilla C&C3; and Kane’s Wrath storyline with 8 original End of Tiberium missions. 15 playable factions in Skirmish including the classic Allies, Soviet and Yuri. The brand new End of Tiberium missions will be fun and will be completely different from the widely criticised C&C4; stroyline. Want to lead GDI to end the Tiberium threat once and for all? Or become a loyal follower of Kane and accomplish his ascension? Or take a massive Scrin fleet and conquer the Earth? The choice is yours.

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