AWS Contact Center Intelligence Launched; Will Offer AI Capabilities To Customers


AWS has launched its Contact Center Intelligence (CCI) suite of services. CCI is aimed at users who want to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities in their contact center operations. AWS will offer its CCI suite of services through its AWS Partner Network (APN) such as — Genesys, Vonage, and UiPath.


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What is AWS Contact Center Intelligence?

As per Amazon, CCI will offer services that will allow businesses with self-service, live-call analytics and agent-assist, and post-call analytics. CCI will help businesses by bringing several Machine Learning (ML) capabilities to contact centers. These ML capabilities include facilities such as transcription, text-to-speech, translation, enterprise search, chatbots, business intelligence, and language comprehension, among others.

Talking about the newly launched CCI, Swami Sivasubramanian, the vice-president of Amazon Machine Learning at AWS, stated, “we want to make it easy for our customers with contact centers to use machine learning even if they have no machine learning expertise.”

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What are the Solutions Offered by AWS CCI?

The pre-trained AI services offered by CCI will help businesses quickly and cost-effectively scale up in the ML-based intelligence department for their contact centers. AWS CCI currently focuses on three stages of contact center workflow — Self-Service, Live Call Analytics and Agent Assist, and Post-Call Analytics.

The Self-Service solution by CCI offers chatbots and ML-powered IVRs (Interactive Voice Response) to take care of generic queries and frees up the businesses’ workforce time for resource-intensive tasks. The Self-Service solution works with Amazon Lex or Amazon Kendra. As per AWS, apart from transactional queries, the combination of Lex and Kendra can even take care of contextual questions by customers.

The Live Call Analytics and Agent Assist solution aims to increase the productivity of workers by using real-time ML capabilities. As per AWS, the solution can perform real-time speech transcription, analyze interactions, detect caller’s sentiment, and identify keywords and phrases. Further, Amazon Translate can also help with translating the call into the preferred language.

Lastly, the Post-Call Analytics performs automatic analysis of contact center conversations. Somewhat similar to Live Call Analytics, this solution also performs transcriptions and analyzes the interaction of each call. The Post-Call Analytics function helps businesses gain valuable insight for product and service feed-back through the deep analysis.

Amazon has stated that pricing and availability for CCI will correspond with the prices and availability of its underlying services such as Amazon Polly, Amazon Kendra, and Amazon Transcribe, among others. Those interested in seeing a demo of Self-Service and Post-Call Analytics can refer to the AWS blog post here.

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