7 Reasons Why Cloud Backup Is The Right Choice


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Although I may be biased because I’m the co-founder of a website that talks about cloud data backup and storage, I think everybody should consider signing up for a cloud backup service.

Here is the thing: every day, we’re adding gigabytes of data to our computers and smartphones. Resolution and quality of our videos and photos increased dramatically over the last couple of years –all of them saved on SSD (or worse: spinning discs) that are prone to failure.

The question is not if but when you’ll be sitting in front of your computer, regretting not having backed up before.

But there is more to cloud backups than mere disaster protection. Over the last five years, storing data in the cloud has become commonplace and thus, incredibly affordable. Carbonite, for example, offers users unlimited cloud backup for as low as $3,5 per month (as of June 2016). Back in the day, storing a terabyte online wasn’t even remotely conceivable.

Fortunately, things have changed. Today, I show you my top 7 reasons why I think cloud backups are the right choice, now more than ever. I do realize, there are a few misconceptions, but also some very valid objections against cloud backups.



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