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There are 6 big players in the cloud computing industry which can offer you a great opportunity to take advantage of this major growth in this industry.

Number 6.
First on my list is Amazon, with it’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform the number 1 cloud infrastructure service provider.
AWS hosted cloud software has also seen a major boost during the lockdown period as many people worked from home!
With a customer centric approach Amazon has proved that it can dominate not just E commerce but also cloud computing!

(However, with such a high valuation Amazon can be an expensive stock to purchase).

Coming in at Number 5 is Microsoft,
Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) offer’s it’s Azure cloud platform which is mainly used to deliver software to thousands of companies.

Although Microsoft was late in the cloud computing scene this company quickly gained traction

And has now built a network which will soon cover every continent, including Africa.

Microsoft is now the 2nd biggest cloud infrastructure service provider. Microsoft is a Trillion dollar market cap company with fast growth, which has seen 12% plus for the last three years.

Microsoft also continued to do well during the global lockdown as Microsoft teams & SKYPE surged by over 70% with over 40 million people using the platform on a daily basis.

4. ALPHABET (Google)

Coming in at number 3 is Alphabet the parent company of Google. Another tech giant which is a market leader in everything from internet search to mapping.

Google cloud has seen a massive jump in data storage. In addition, Google hangouts meet the video conferencing & collaboration tool has also seen a massive boost in popularity during the lockdown period.

Coming in at number 3 is Alibaba Group.

The Chinese leader in the online E commerce platform run by the great Jack Ma.
Alibaba is a great business to business trading service which connects the people directly with large suppliers.

Alibaba launched its cloud computing business in 2009 and is now the biggest player in China!

It’s cloud business brought in revenue of $1.13 billion, according to the exchange rate during that time. That was a 66% year-on-year growth.

“I think cloud will be … the main business of Alibaba in the future,” Daniel Zhang, CEO of Alibaba and now its chairman, told CNBC in an interview in November.

Alibaba has owned the e-commerce world in China and is now going after the $100 billion market opportunity among enterprises moving to cloud in China.

Cloud computing accounted for 7% of Alibaba’s revenue in the June quarter. And while the business unit was still loss making, those losses narrowed and the margins improved.

Could Alibaba’s cloud follow Amazon’s Growth?

According to John Freeman, an equity analyst at CFRA Research “the growth, evolution, and operating margin profile of Alibaba’s cloud services are following the path of Amazon Web services.

At present, AWS represents only about 1/9th of Amazon revenue but generates over 60% of its operating profit.

2. Sales Force
Salesforce is the market leader is cloud based CRM o
customer relationship management service which helps businesses be more efficient & look after their clients.
Salesforce began as creator of sales software as a service, which is still a high growth industry.

1. Arista Networks
Number 1 on my list is Arista Networks, now the previous companies I mentioned are all incredible business but there valuations are also incredibly high!
Instead, you could INVEST INTO ARISTA NETWORK’s a cutting edge cloud computing company of which it’s customers are Microsoft & Google! That way you will benefit from Microsoft & Googles cloud computing growth!

With previous years growth of 162% and a strong balance sheet of $2.7 billion without debt! Arista should be able to whether any up & coming recession

I did a previous video, with a full stock analysis of Arista Networks detailing why I purchase shares into that business. It’s a great video you can check that out on the link below!



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