39 – Applications in the Cloud – Google App Engine Flexible Environment


Applications in the Cloud – Google App Engine Flexible Environment :
App Engine flexible environment:
1. Build and deploy containerized apps with a click
2. No sandbox constraints
3. Can access App Engine resources
4. Standard runtimes: Python, Java, Go, Node.js
5. Custom runtime support: Any language that supports HTTP requests
Package your runtime as a Dockerfile

The App Engine flexible environment allows you to customize your runtime and even the operating system of your virtual machine using Dockerfiles.
1. Runtimes
2. Dockerfile from the open source community.
3. Infrastructure customization
4. Performance

App Engine manages your virtual machines, ensuring that:
1. Instances are health-checked, healed as necessary, and co-located with other module instances within the project.
2. Critical, backward-compatible updates are automatically applied to the underlying operating system.
3. VM instances are automatically located by geographical region according to the settings in your project.
4. VM instances are restarted on a weekly basis. During restarts, Google’s management services will apply any necessary operating system and security updates.



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